Adam Davenport
Adam screams in Dude, Where's My Lab?

Portrayed by

Spencer Boldman



Bionic Abilities

Strength, Heat Vision, and Plasma Grenades


Bree (Sister), Chase (Brother), Mr. Davenport (Father), Leo (Step-Brother) Tasha (Step-Mother)

Adam Davenport is the seventeen-year-old lab rat with a shocking strength rate. His bionic powers are due to his tall height. His frustration could be considered additional powers. He also
Dude, Where's my lab
has laser vision which can be considered one of his glitches. Another glitch is grenades shooting objects
out of his hands when he gets too happy. He is the elder lab rat brother to his siblings Bree (sixteen years-old) and Chase (fifteen years-old.) ohh he loves his food and likes to fool aroud.


  • He like's Taylor Swift music
  • He messes around with Chase

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