• No swearing. Just don't do it.
  • Please don't write anything that isn't true. Fake info is annoying
  • Don't go off topic. So if you're writing a article about Billy Unger, don't start randomly talking about Spencer Boldman.
  • Don't post opinions in the articles. Like: "Ugh, I hate Stephainie, she needs a life." Or something like this.



CAST Kelli Berglund aka. THE BEST ACTRESS EVER!!! Please don't do that.

  • No text language. Use your instead of ur. You can use stuff like info instead of information though.


  • Don't swear. Just don't. If you swear to often, someone will ban you
  • Be nice to the other commenters


  • Don't be mean to other people in the chat


  • Be nice
  • No swearing

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